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The NYS Pesticide Product, Ingredient and Manufacturer System will no longer be updated with current product registration data as of August 15, 2016. To access current product registration information, please use the NYSPAD system on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's web site.

Restricted Pesticides

“Restricted use pesticide” or “restricted pesticide” means any pesticide whose labeling bears the statement “RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE” or is classified as “restricted use” by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) in accordance with 6 NYCRR Part 326.2 (a), (b), (g), (h), or 326.23 (e). Products classified as “restricted use” are restricted in their purchase, distribution, sale, use, and possession in New York State. Furthermore, restricted use products may only be purchased and used by a certified applicator in New York State.

Classified as “restricted use” by the NYSDEC in accordance with Part 326.2 (a).
Classified as “restricted use” by the NYSDEC in accordance with Part 326.2 (b).
The commissioner of the NYSDEC may place any conditions on the registration of any product that are deemed necessary to prevent damage to health, property and wildlife. Classification as “restricted use” may be necessary. See Part 326.23 (e).
Federally restricted pesticide per EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency).
Any product whose label limits use to commercial pesticide applicators only may be distributed, sold purchased, possessed and used only upon issuance of a commercial permit or certification identification card. Label statements that limit use to commercial pesticide applicators include but are not limited to the following:
  • Only for sale to and use and storage by commercial pest control operators.
  • To be applied only by or under the direct supervision of Commercial Applicators responsible for insect control program. See Part 326.2 (g).
Any pesticide labeled for direct application to or in surface waters may be distributed, offered for sale, sold, purchased, possessed or used only by the holder of a valid commercial permit, certification identification card or purchase permit. See Part 326.2 (h).
Restricted. An older non-specific restricted-use designation.